Visual Closure

Some children with visual processing difficulties have difficulty in making out a picture when a part or parts of it are missing. These children need to see the entire object to know what it is. The skill of mentally picturing a whole object from seeing the object partially is known as visual closure. If we see a picture of a common animal with some parts missing we can still perceive what the animal is.

Visual closure skill is required to read fluently, copy from a board when all the words are not fully visible, predict what comes next while reading, do fill in the blanks exercises, etc. Visual closure skill is also required for doing maths.

Activities for improving visual closure

Parents can design their own activities/worksheets on visual closure. Photos of partially hidden objects can be taken using a smart phone. Vegetables, fruits, dresses, pencils, footwear etc can be used for this purpose. Children may be required to do exercises such as fill in the blanks, complete the word, complete the picture exercise etc.

Search the net for visual closure worksheets/exercises.

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