Calendar Game


This is a high order thinking game which may be challenging for some students. Some children have real difficulty in understanding the questions. In fact, this is one of the biggest problems some children face. Some of them find verbal information difficult to handle.

Some others may be familiar with the words used in the question but may not be able to infer or use the information properly. They may not understand how to relate facts in a question to the other parts of the question.

As can be seen from the above, problem solving has many steps. It is better to attempt the question than ignoring the activity. Repeated trials can make your child understand the problem a little more.

This activity is an introduction to higher order thinking skills. Find out whether your child understands the problem. If the child is not able to do the problem, don’t teach the child how to do the activity. The best form of learning is self-discovery where the child learns to solve the problem by her/his own thinking.

This activity thoroughly tests the understanding of the concept of months and about days and weeks in a month. The questions can make the children alert and probing questions are asked about their understanding. The questions would definitely make the children think.

Another important aim of this activity is to help the child to develop the skill of gathering information from a given set of facts. Doing these kinds of tests would help the child to improve her/his thinking skills and score better marks in examinations.

Tips for parents.

We should not teach our children everything. Some activities, they have to do themselves. Nothing will happen if your child doesn’t solve these problems without your help. But if you teach how to do these problems, then you are robbing your children of the ultimate learning process- the process of self-discovery.

If you find the child is not ready to understand the problems go to some other activity she/he likes to do. Come back after few days. And when the child is ready to do the problem, he or she will show interest.

Of course, you can help your child to understand the meaning of the words used in the questions. Help with the language but let your child do the thinking. Give your child the pleasure of self-discovery!

You can make a collection of high order thinking skill questions and give these questions to your child. Accept your child’s level, limitations and abilities and give questions which your child can comfortably do. The idea is to make your child feel a winner! It is always better to give questions which are one step below your child’s ability so that she/he gets a sense of confidence. Remember nothing succeeds like success. Never forget to praise your child. Even if your child doesn’t do the problems, you can point out where she/he has done well and praise your child. Occasionally, give your child some tough questions.

  1. Search the net for high order thinking skill questions.
  2. Subscribe to children’s magazines. These magazines would give you many ideas.