Confusing Words

There are many words in English which have different spellings but the same pronunciation. Children find it difficult to use these words.The objective of this activity is to teach how to use these confusing words correctly.

Homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning, or a different spelling or both.Example: steel and steal. The pronunciation of these two words is the same but they have different meanings.

Each exercise in this activity deals with a set of two homophones and their meanings are explained. The challenge is to complete the sentences using the correct word.

Some examples of homophones are:

1. would, wood 2. seen, scene
3. no, know 4. sea, sea
5. write, right 6. hear, here
7. allowed, aloud 8. there, their

The internet gives you plenty of material which can be downloaded free. Search the net for: list of homophones, worksheet on homophones.