Drag and Drop Objects

This is an activity to help children who have problems in identifying similar or different objects. Some children are not able to focus on images. And they are not able to see the small differences between objects. This problem affects their reading and writing also.

This activity improves concentration and also improves the ability to pay attention to details. This is also a good activity for children with attention disorder as these exercises help them to keep engrossed in doing an activity.

Tips for parents

How can parents take this activity forward at home? There are many ways of improving the concentration level of your child. Children’s magazines have many activities to help you. Spot the differences between two pictures is a good activity.

You can make your own worksheets and use a board and different inks to make colourful and interesting exercises for your child.

  1. Use the internet to get many worksheets suitable for your child. Search for similar objects worksheets, sorting and comparison worksheets, similar vs. different worksheets.  You can get a good collection of worksheets free.
  2. Subscribe to one or more children’s magazine.