Number Sequence

This is an activity which tests the reasoning skills of your child. This is also an activity to improve your child’s ability to see the patterns.Go to Tips for parents mentioned in the activity- crossword puzzle.

These exercises help the child to find the missing link by relating to the set of pattern shown in the question. Pattern recognition activities help the child to predict what happens next. Repeated activities like these help the child to process information and reduce the processing time.

There are exercises here using only alphabets or only numerals. You also have exercises involving both numbers and alphabets.

It doesn’t matter if your child is slow in answering the questions. It also doesn’t matter much if your child cannot answer the questions. The important thing to note is that even attempting these questions, is training for the brain. So don’t get stressed if your child’s response is below your expectations.

Make more exercises to test your child.

Children’s magazines have many exercises on sequences and series. It is also easy to prepare your own worksheets. The internet offers you plenty of material.

You can buy “A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning (Fully Solved)” by Dr.R.S Aggarwal. Publishers S.Chand. This is a comprehensive book for those preparing for competitive exams. The standard is very high but  this book can give you many ideas to teach your child. This can be a good resource, if used with imagination. Many ideas can be used for testing the child. You have to modify the questions to suit your child’s level and aptitude.