Advanced Level (Level 2)

The objectives of these lessons are:

  1. To make the children, having difficulties in reading and writing English, aware of the sounds letters make in a word. Make them develop the skill of decoding words.
  2. To make them better readers. The exercise of reading in chunks helps them to group words together. Grouping of words together (chunking) helps the children to read to understand. Their ability to comprehend what they read and their ability to store the information in the brain gets enhanced.
  3. Note taking examples enable them to develop study skills and help the processing of information.
  4. There are many exercises to enhance- (rhyming words, unscrambling words, complete the words etc.) - auditory and visual discrimination. The nonsense rhyming words help the children to decode words.
  5. Improve concentration: Proofreading exercise is excellent to improve concentration and develop the skill of attention to details.
  6. Fill in the blanks exercises, questions and making questions exercises improve the executive function of the children. These exercises help them to see the patterns in language.
  7. The exercises in this book make the children competent to use the set of words contained in the lessons. They develop a sense of language.
  8. Sentence strips help the children to understand the structure of sentences.
  9. Word search, crossword, and other exercises help children to see patterns.
  10. Word strips help children to work on spellings.
  11. Lessons 6-9 give the children further reading practice to improve their awareness of the set of words dealt in this book.
  12. Over learning; There are several exercises using the same set of words. Children having difficulties in reading and writing require over learning.