Learn the Pattern

Pattern recognition is an important activity for learning any subject.

There are patterns in maths, in grammar, in science and in almost everything we do and the things in nature. There are patterns in dance, music, in movements of planets, in high tide and low tide in the sea, in birds flying in groups, etc.

While teaching maths or grammar ask your child what is the pattern here? If the child can see the pattern then maths becomes easy for the child.

We can increase our ability to learn if we can understand the pattern. Recognizing patterns is a sign of intelligence. That’s why many competitive examinations have questions based on patterns. Almost all the ‘reasoning tests’ are based on pattern recognizing skills.

Each of these worksheets on grammar has a pattern. The worksheets test the following:

Can the child follow the pattern?  Is the child able to concentrate? Does the child lose attention and make careless mistakes?

The worksheets aim to develop

  1. concentration
  2. improve attention to details
  3. the ability to sit and do an activity for some time.

Parents can make exercises based on patterns. Regular practise of tests like these would certainly improve the children’s ability to concentrate. This activity is good for children with attention disorder.