Remove a Letter to Make a New Word

Some children have difficulty to spell because they don’t hear the sound of letters in a word. This activity is meant for them. This activity also helps a struggling reader to learn spelling. Another benefit of this activity is that it improves the listening skills.

How is this activity organised?

A word is displayed. A new word, formed by removing a letter from the word displayed, is dictated. The challenge is to make the new word by removing a letter.

Examples: SHIP – SIP, MANLY – MANY

Tips for parents

There are children who find it difficult to spell because they cannot identify the sounds letters make. If your child has difficulty in spelling words, it is necessary to find out the difficulties your child has and work on these problem areas. Writing the word again and again is not always helpful to learn spelling. Use different strategies to teach spelling.

This activity helps children who struggle to spell. These children require regular practice. Make your own list of words. Use the textbook of your child to prepare the list. A dictionary is a good resource.

In this activity, the task is to remove a letter and make a new word. You can also devise a game where a letter is to be added to make a new word.

Examples: CAN- CANE, CAT- CART. You can use the words used in this activity to develop the new game of ‘lengthen the word by adding a letter’.

You can also make your child to prepare a list and give you a test. This would be a great reinforcement. Though you know all the answers, make one or two mistakes deliberately. Your child will have great fun pointing out your mistakes!

Text books of children

A good dictionary