Find the Identical Object

This activity aims to improve the visual tracking ability. These exercises test the child’s ability to notice the similarities and differences in objects.

Benefits of this activity are:

1. Helps to improve concentration.

2. Helps to develop the skill of paying attention to detail.

3. A good activity for children with attention disorder.

4. Helps to develop better visual discrimination leading to easier copying from board, reducing letter reversals.  

Other activities in this website relating to visual discrimination are: Shadow match, Jigsaw puzzle, Count the number of similar objects, Longest and shortest, Matching game, and Word boxes.

Go to the Intro and How to use of Shadow Match of this website to know more about visual discrimination.

In this activity the child has to identify from the options given an object which is identical to the object at the centre. There are exercises of different levels in this activity.

Tips for you, the parents

Buy a white board and use different coloured marker pens.

  Write words, numbers, symbols etc on the board in different colours or in one colour and ask the child to copy from the board. You can also draw pictures and geometrical shapes of different sizes on the board. The letters and numbers also can be of different sizes. This is good for visual tracking.

Some examples are given below:

pR3tYg999EFs     ↓╔ ± → GK ©+ = #     !?/umnc* %^={ 896}

Regular copying activities can improve the visual discrimination ability of your child.

You can easily make ‘spot the difference activities’ at home. Few examples are given below.

Ask the child to spot the three differences in the two figures.

1. gyhbdmwnoce           gybhdwmuoce

2. 685Gyk%@hjgy        658gyk%ahzgy

3. +=)(&*%@m/?<^      +=))&*$@m/?<^

These are only samples. A variety of exercises can be made. These exercises are also useful to improve concentration and are good for children with ADHD, children who cannot be still for few moments.

  1. Regularly buy children’s magazines- these have many exercises on visual discrimination such as connecting the dots, spot the difference etc.
  2. You can download from the net worksheets on visual discrimination.
  3. Search the net for saccades/ alphabet saccades to get many more ideas to teach your child.