Word Search

Word Search puzzle, familiar to almost all students, have several benefits. It helps students to focus. Solving puzzles is especially useful for children with attention disorder. Word Search helps children to develop vocabulary. It is also a useful tool to learn spelling. Word Search is a good visual activity and searching for a word improves the spatial intelligence. This activity is an excellent exercise for the brain.

The aim of these worksheets is to improve the spelling of students. Some students struggle to spell. Parents can help their children by designing a spelling programme.  They can start by teaching their children sight words.

What are sight words? Sight words are the set of words that are most frequently used. Mastering how to read and write these words and how to use them are essential for students to speed up learning. They should be thorough with these words so that they can read and write automatically without any effort. However, some children find it difficult to handle these basic words. Special training is required to help them learn the spelling of these words. Examples of sight words are:     am, you, was, her, she.

Some children reverse letters in words. These children write who for how and how for who. Another common reversal seen is dose for does. These word search exercises would help such children. Another remedy is to write in sand.

There are five levels and each level has six exercises.

Design your own worksheets. See the activity Word Search in this site.