Teaching Colours

Recognising colours is a basic skill. Babies become aware of colours when they are 18 months old. By the age of three, children can name at last one colour. By the age of 5-6, a child names colours and the child is able to sort   objects on the basis of colours. However, some children have difficulty in distinguishing colours.

Problem solving

These activities are an introduction to higher order thinking skills. The exercises   help children to improve their skill of analyzing  information  (data interpretation) and then to use (manipulate) the information to solve  problems.


Word games

Activities in Word Games help children who struggle with spelling. Word games are highly effective to teach spelling. These games having commonly used words would help children to see the patterns in spelling. Some children have poor visual memory and this comes in the way of reading and spelling. Word games help children to form visual images of words and the order of letters in the words.

Auditory Activities

Some children have difficulty in processing what they hear. This condition leads to difficulty in spelling. Observing the ways in which their children handle the exercises given here, would enable parents to know more about the auditory skills of their children. The activities help children to spell better.

Sentence Games

Some children fail to comprehend what they read. Children with learning difficulties score low marks in tests because they are unable to understand the questions. Emphasis is laid on the structure of questions. A variety of exercises are included here to help children understand the structure of sentences. These activities help children to improve comprehension and vocabulary.

Memory & Concentration Exercises

These fun activities improve the short term memory-also known as working memory-of children. Working memory is required to process information and it plays an important role in learning.


The activities help children to understand the basic concepts of mathematics.

Visual Exercises

There are a variety of exercises here to improve the visual processing skills of children. Some children are deficient in this area. The exercises would help parents to know more about the visual processing skills of their children.